On-site flow testing

Let us do the hard work for you! We can arrange for our engineers to come on-site and perform non-invasive flow measurements according to your requirements.

Measure liquid, Gas, Energy and Heat flow. We can measure any liquid and compressed gas using our clamp-on flow meters. There is no process interruption and an instant read-out of flow and totalised flow.

This is useful for obtaining the following information:

- Check Energy Usage
- Water Flows
- Chiller Balancing
- Compressed Air Usage

Our FLEXIM flow meters are ideal tools for service work and quick control ultrasonic measurements. All our flow meters are digital.

The clamp-on flow transducers are simply mounted onto the pipe from the outside, without process interruption and without production stop.

The set-up takes about 5 minutes as our engineers have extensive experience with calibration.

We provide you with comprehensive Flow and Energy Reports - no hassles, no worries.



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